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DumplingOur Horses!
Locating the best horses for the program is not always easy, but the group persevered and now owns several wonderful therapeutic horses. We also have additional horses and ponies in training, hoping to be added to our list of prestigious therapeutic mounts.

Horse Wishlist

  • Larger horse (15.2-about 17 hands) that would be capable of carrying a larger rider (about 225 lbs).  We are looking for a horse that would be able to Walk, trot, canter.
  • Pony about 13 hands tall that has a calm disposition.

Please refer to our horse therapy criteria. Thank you!!   

If you have a horse (or horses) you'd like to donate to Saddle Up!, please let us know. Read our therapy horse criteria to see if your horse fits the bill! If you think your horse meets our criteria, please fill out the horse donation form and fax it to our office (615) 794-7973.


Ace Ace is a 14 hand Bay Paint gelding born in 2006. Ace has a sweet disposition and loves EAL. He came here to Saddle Up! shortly after his brother Shiloh, and is great with the volunteers. We are so lucky to have him here!



Apache Apache is an Appaloosa gelding born in 1996. He is 14.2 hands and is amazingly patient with all the students. His previous jobs included showing and trail riding. Apache is consistently dirty, so we call him Pig Pen around the barn. He is such a great horse to have here at Saddle Up!.



Baron Baron is a 16.1 hand chestnut Belgian Draft cross gelding who was born in 1999. His previous job was as a trail horse. His long flowing locks make him a barn favorite, and he loves to let them blow in the wind. He is very patient and understanding which makes him an awesome addition to our herd.



Coffee Coffee is a black Percheron Morgan cross, born in 1998. This mare is 14.2 hands and has a beautiful working trot. Her steady temperament is a great help to our program. She previously was ridden Dressage and still loves to go on trail rides.



Dumpling Dumpling currently holds the spot as the smallest resident at the farm. Born in 1994, this 11.1 hand grey gelding arrived at Saddle Up! in 2008. What he lacks in height he makes up for in heart and personality, toting our young riders around with as little or as much assistance as needed.



Dusty Dusty is a 14.2 hand grey Quarter Horse gelding who was born in 2005. He was a trail horse before coming to Saddle Up! He is very curious, and likes to play with all of the toys. He is best buds with our paint brothers, Shiloh and Ace. He is a great member of our horsey team.



Elvis In 2008, Elvis entered the building (Saddle Up! that is). A buckskin Connemara pony, Elvis is one of our most popular ponies because of his kind demeanor and his stunning good looks. Previously a short stirrup pony owned by Christian Currey, Elvis retired from the show ring due to an injury. Born in 1994, Elvis will hopefully be with us for many years to come.



Fame Fame is a 15.2 hand Bay Thoroughbred gelding. He was born in 2000. He was a lesson horse before coming to Saddle Up! and he absolutely loves to go on trail rides back towards the river. His movement is great for some of our students!



Gabby Gabby, a 12.2 hand pony, was welcomed into the Saddle Up! family in early 2011. Gabby has fast become a barn favorite with her great size and temperament. She is every child’s ‘dream pony’.



Gus Gus is a Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding, born in 2003. He is 15.1 hands tall, has a beautiful face, and a curious disposition. He loves attention, whether it's from students, volunteers, or staff. He definitely fits in our program well!



Hershey Hershey, a 14.2 hand black quarter horse gelding joined Saddle Up! in the winter of 2010. Hershey’s gentle and loving nature has made him the perfect horse for many of our more timid riders. Before coming to Saddle Up! Hershey was a trail horse.



Lacy Lacy is a 14.3 hand Chestnut Appaloosa mare, born in 1998. She is wonderful for our students who are ready to ride more independently. She really takes great care of the precious cargo on her back. Her previous jobs included showing, pleasure riding, and driving.



Lance Lance is a 14 hand bay mixed breed pony gelding, born in 1998. His previous job was as a lesson horse, and he loves doing mounted games. He is amazing at everything we offer at Saddle Up! We are truly fortunate to have him in our program.



Lucy Lucy is a talkative, black gaited pony. Before joining Saddle Up! in 2007, she was a personal pony to one of our SU! riders. Lucy now brings happiness to many of our small riders here, and she definitely takes her job very seriously!



Muffin Muffin, a 16.1 hand TB/Perch cross was a foxhunter before coming to Saddle Up!. Muffin is our resident gentle giant, and is the man in charge back in the barn!



Oscar Oscar is a 13 hand POA gelding, born in 1999. His previous job was showing and teaching lessons. His cuteness is noticed by all of our students and volunteers. He is a great pony for independent riding.



Pedro Pedro is a 12.2 hand bay pony. Born in 1999, this pony was used for beginner lessons before starting his work in our program. His active trot and short stature make him an excellent mount for our young riders.



Pi Pi is a 15.2 hand chestnut Dutch Warmblood gelding, born in 1995. His career was hunter jumping before coming to Saddle Up! He is great at helping new volunteers become confident in leading around the farm.



Webster and Sherman Sherman (right) is a 7.3 hand black Miniature Horse gelding, born in 2002. He loves helping new students get comfortable with grooming. He also participates in our EAL program and loves doing community outreach.



Shiloh Shiloh is a 15 hand bay Paint gelding, born in 2001. He is our most inquisitive equine on the farm. He absolutely loves all people and strives for attention, which makes playing games in lessons so much fun! His brother, Ace, is his best friend.



Tex Tex is a 14.2 hand bay Arabian gelding, born in 1995. He is a very kind soul, and was previously used for pleasure riding. He is loved by all our volunteers and students!



Treasure Treasure is a 13.3 hand bay Welsh cross pony mare, born in 1995. She was previously a lesson pony. She is extremely patient with our students, which makes her a great asset to our program!



Webster and Sherman Webster (left) is a 7.0 hand white Miniature Horse gelding, born in 2004. He likes to greet everyone, horses and people alike, and his personality is ten times bigger than his body! He loves going places to tell other people what we are all about at Saddle Up!

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