Tonka, like Buddy, is also ‘in training’ and looking forward to getting into lessons soon! This little 8 year old Appaloosa pony is willing and super smart. Show him something once and he’s ‘got it’! If you are trying to tell Tonka and Oscar apart, just look at the face. Tonka’s face is full red roan, making his appearance very unique and his actual breed hard a little bit of a mystery.

Buddy is officially ‘in training’, and we look forward to having him join the herd for the Spring session. He joins Harry in the Gypsy Cob band and we love having these sturdy and good minded geldings in lessons. Buddy was born and raised just over the hill near Spring Hill and his gentle nature shows how much he was handled by kids in his previous life. He is 12 years old.

Braveheart is one of the most easily identified horses in the barn! He wears his heart right on his forehead. This off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding is 14 years old and a big lovebug. Braveheart was rescued from an auction for slaughter-bound horses by Copper Horse Crusade in Ohio. He is very gentle with our independent riders. We are so happy this lovely horse came to us to learn a second career and live out a long life helping kids.

Lovely Rita (Meter Maid) is a 17 years young Andalusian Cross and, like Harry, is on loan to us through the generosity of our Equine Director, Susannah Denney. Rita has been a lesson horse, therapy horse, and all-around great mare in her career. We love her gentle eyes and long bangs as well as her great attitude.

Harry is a 12 year old gypsy cob, affectionately known around the barn as “Hairy Harry” because of his beautiful feathers, long whiskers and flowing mane and tail (the Harry comes from his mom’s favorite musician, Harry Styles!). You can tell Harry and Buddy apart because Harry has more white on his face and cute spots on his neck. Harry has therapy horse experience, having been part of the herd at Equest in Texas.

Born in 1999, this 14-hand beautiful Quarter Horse mare has a personality to match! She is on loan to Saddle Up! from our Barn Manager, Jordan, and they had a wonderful competition career together. Lexi is skilled in all types of Western disciplines and is a gentle and easy ride.


17.1h Percheron gelding, born 2008

Bishop is the biggest horse in the barn at over 1500 pounds and the only full draft at SU! Bishop may have pulled barges down the Ohio River and was likely an Amish farm horse. He is a true “gentle giant” and is the frequent subject of visitor selfies.

15h Quarter Horse mare, born 2003

Cocoa’s registered name is Spot My Chips and she has great bloodlines including Zips Chocolate Chip and Impressive. Cocoa was shown very successfully in western pleasure and has almost 40 lifetime AQHA Youth Points to her credit. She was generously donated by Karla Champion.

15.2h Paint mare, born 2002

Sally is on loan to Saddle Up! thanks to the generosity of Heather Miller. Sally competed in western dressage and pleasure riding in her previous career and has nice smooth movements to prove it. Sally believes that Boomer is her brother from another mother – these two wonderful paints are so much alike!

15h Standardbred mare, born 2009

Phoenix arrived at Saddle Up! in November of 2021. She was a former Amish carriage horse and has a large scar on her right side from an old injury. Phoenix is a sweet alpha mare who snorts a lot and has resting grumpy ears. This is a new career for her, but she is a very willing horse and has learned her new job well.