17.1h Percheron gelding, born 2008

Bishop came to Saddle Up! from a rescue in Ohio. He is truly our gentle giant and is the current record holder for tallest horse at Saddle Up!. Bishop is blind in his right eye, but that does not stop him from being capable of providing safe and educational lessons to his riders.

15h Quarter Horse mare, born 2003

Cocoa is registered with AQHA as “Spot my Chips”. She trained and competed in Western Pleasure and has a very smooth and quiet trot and canter. Cocoa is a friendly horse who loves to talk to all the other horses, especially her girlfriends Phoenix and Sally, even when she is working in lessons.

15.2h Paint mare, born 2002

Sally is on a free lease with Saddle Up!, thanks to Heather Miller. Sally was a pleasure horse in her previous career and has nice smooth movements to prove it. She loves working in lessons and is gentle and kind with all her riders.

14.3h Appendix gelding, born 2012

Nemo was a lesson horse and played polo before joining the Saddle Up! herd. He is a sweet guy who makes friends with horses and people very easily. He loves all the toys the participants use in lessons and sometimes, he even tries to play with them himself.

15h Standardbred mare, born 2009

Phoenix came to us from a rescue in Ohio. She was previously a cart horse and has a large scar on her right side from an old injury. Phoenix is the boss mare in her pasture and enjoys giving her riders quality movement with her active walk.


16.1h Chestnut gelding Tennessee Walking Horse, born 2012

Willie was primarily used as a trail horse prior to coming to work at Saddle Up!. He is a descendent of Midnight Sun, one of the leading sires of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed, and a two-time World Grand Champion in 1945 and 1946.


15h grey draft cross gelding, born 1998

Scout was used for fox hunting prior to his career at Saddle Up!. He came to Saddle Up! with his best friend Rocky and is enjoying all the attention he receives.


15.2h grey draft cross gelding, born 2002

Rocky was used for fox hunting prior to his career at Saddle Up!. He and Scout are best friends and can easily get mistaken for each other. Rocky has unique brown marks on his jaws that can help distinguish him from Scout.

Arrow Headshot Fall 2020

15.3h quarter horse gelding, born 2008

Once owned by a country music star, Arrow gave guided trail rides. He’s named from arrow pattern on his coat, and his personality is very similar to a Labrador retriever puppy.


16h American Warmblood, born 2001

Bailey came to us after his career as a fox hunter. Bailey is the most patient and forgiving horse you will ever meet. He is great with every child he has met.