15.2h grey draft cross gelding, born 2002

Rocky was used for fox hunting prior to his career at Saddle Up!. He and Scout are best friends and can easily get mistaken for each other. Rocky has unique brown marks on his jaws that can help distinguish him from Scout.

Arrow Headshot Fall 2020

15.3h quarter horse gelding, born 2008

Once owned by a country music star, Arrow gave guided trail rides and was a pleasure horse. He is named “Arrow” because of the distinct arrow pattern on his right side. That arrow also makes him the easiest paint to identify! Arrow is like a big puppy dog and a rider favorite!


16h American Warmblood, born 2001

Bailey came to us after his career as a fox hunter. Bailey is the most patient and forgiving horse you will ever meet. He is great with every child he has met.


16h Belgian Draft cross gelding born 1999

Baron was named 2021 Horse of the Year and for good reason! Baron is a wonderful therapy horse and has a wonderful, rhythmic movement. His favorite thing to do in down time is stretch out and sunbathe. Baron was generously donated by Warner & Madge Bass.

Boomer Headshot Fall 2020

15h Quarter Horse, born 2001

Boomer is known for his trot. He has the comfiest trot on the farm. Before coming to Saddle Up! in 2019, Boomer was a champion team roper.

Chip Headshot Fall 2020

12.2h Silver Bay Welsh Pony Gelding, born 2000

Chip was a Hunter Jumper before arrival. Check out his unique coloring; his undercoat is a different color than his topcoat.

Jelly Bean Headshot Fall 2020
Jelly Bean

12h chestnut pony, born 2005

Jelly Bean is the smallest of the herd at 550 lbs, but he has a big heart and a lot of attitude. He was donated by volunteer Leslie Siers. Before coming to Saddle Up!, Jelly Bean taught many kids how to ride and he loves hanging out with his best friend, Sampson.


13h Pony of the Americas, born 1999

Oscar’s previous job was showing and teaching lessons. His cuteness is noticed by all students and volunteers. He is a great pony for independent riding.


14.3h quarter horse gelding, born 2005

Previously owned by a rider who used a wheelchair, Rocco is ridden completely through voice commands! This cool trick is an amazing asset to our riders!


11h bay pony gelding, born 2008

Sampson is an adorable flirt with his punk rock mohawk and large personality! He came to us through Safe Harbor rescue and loves his job and life at Saddle Up!.