Our Horses

Freedom has four legs.

Our horses are vital partners in making a difference in the lives of our participating children. Saddle Up! horses are “a breed apart” – very special animals carefully selected for their talents and temperament and trained for their roles. Meet our therapeutic horses below – a variety of breeds and sizes – all qualified to be partners and special friends for our children. We have several more horses and ponies in training, looking for their opportunity to join these special mounts.

Do you have a horse you would like to donate to our program?

In order to provide safe and effective services, Saddle Up! relies heavily on equine donations. Due to the population we serve, we are looking for equines who will be able to happily and safely serve our participants for many years. Saddle Up! is dedicated to providing quality care to their equines through nutrition, training, conditioning, veterinarian and farrier care, as well as individualized retirement plans.

Once you have completed the application, please email it to lwood@saddleupnashville.org or fax it to (615) 794-7973. Please allow 7-10 business days for staff to receive and review the application. If you haven’t been contacted by a staff person after 7-10 business days, please feel free to contact the main office at (615) 794-1150 and ask to speak with Lindsey Wood. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION

Horse Wishlist

  • Horses of average size (15 – 16 hands)
    Ponies (11 – 14 hands)

Are you interested in adopting a retired Saddle Up! horse?

Horse Adoptions

Saddle Up! wants to provide the best for our therapy horses, even after retirement. If you are interested in providing a forever home to a retired horse or would just like to be on the list when one becomes available, please review our Horse Adoption Process. Once you have reviewed the process click continue to complete our Horse Adoption Application. Completed applications can be emailed to the Equine Manager or faxed to our office (615) 794-7973.

Meet the Herd

Arrow Headshot Fall 2020

15.3h quarter horse gelding, born 2008

Once owned by a country music star, Arrow gave guided trail rides. He’s named from arrow pattern on his coat, and his personality is very similar to a Labrador retriever puppy.


16h American Warmblood, born 2001

Bailey came to us after his career as a fox hunter. Bailey is the most patient and forgiving horse you will ever meet. He is great with every child he has met.


16h Belgian Draft cross gelding born 1999

Baron’s long flowing locks make him a barn favorite, and he loves to let them blow in the wind. Patient and understanding, he’s an awesome addition to our herd.

Big Mack

16.3h Georgian Grande born 2004

Big Mack is known for his size, and his celebrity look-a-likes, the Budweiser Clydesdales! He is a great horse for our larger riders.

Boomer Headshot Fall 2020

15h Quarter Horse, born 2001

Boomer is known for his trot. He has the comfiest trot on the farm. Before coming to Saddle Up! in 2019, Boomer was a champion team roper.


13.2h liver chestnut Quarter Horse mare, born 2008.

She came to us from an eventing barn where she was a lesson pony. While she can be sassy at times, she is fantastic at helping newly independent riders gain their confidence off-lead!

Chip Headshot Fall 2020

12.2h Silver Bay Welsh Pony Gelding, born 2000

Chip was a Hunter Jumper before arrival. Check out his unique coloring; his undercoat is a different color than his topcoat.

Hobie Headshot Fall 2020

15.3h quarter horse gelding, born 2006

Formerly a champion team roper, Hobie’s very patient and has a very slow walk, despite his size. His short tail makes it easy to identify him in the pasture.

Jelly Bean Headshot Fall 2020
Jelly Bean

12h chestnut pony, born 2005

Before Saddle Up!, Jelly Bean taught many kids riding and jumping. He loves hanging out with his best friend, Sampson. You will often find the two sharing a pile of hay.


13h Pony of the Americas, born 1999

Oscar’s previous job was showing and teaching lessons. His cuteness is noticed by all students and volunteers. He is a great pony for independent riding.


14.3h quarter horse gelding, born 2005

Previously owned by a rider who used a wheelchair, Rocco is ridden completely through voice commands! This cool trick is an amazing asset to our riders!


15.2h grey draft cross gelding, born 2002

Rocky was used for fox hunting prior to his career at Saddle Up!. He and Scout are best friends and can easily get mistaken for each other. Rocky has unique brown marks on his jaws that can help distinguish him from Scout.


11h bay pony gelding, born 2008

Sampson is an adorable flirt with his punk rock mohawk and large personality! He came to us through Safe Harbor rescue and loves his job and life at Saddle Up!.


15h grey draft cross gelding, born 1998

Scout was used for fox hunting prior to his career at Saddle Up!. He came to Saddle Up! with his best friend Rocky and is enjoying all the attention he receives.


14h quarter horse, born 2007

He is known around the barn for how pretty he is. So pretty, he is often mistaken for a mare. Before coming to Saddle Up! in 2018 Stormy enjoyed doing 4H shows.


14.2h bay Arabian gelding, born 1995

Tex is a very kind soul, and was previously used for pleasure riding before coming to Saddle Up!. He is loved by all our volunteers and students!


16.1h Chestnut gelding Tennessee Walking Horse, born 2012

Willie was primarily used as a trail horse prior to coming to work at Saddle Up!. He is a descendent of Midnight Sun, one of the leading sires of the Tennessee Walking Horse breed, and a two-time World Grand Champion in 1945 and 1946.

Photo credits: Amanda Laginess

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