Interactive Vaulting

Program Structure

Saddle Up’s Interactive Vaulting program is a year round program where children from the age of 6 through their 19th birthday participate in a group of up to 6 vaulters. While the horse is being lunged, vaulters perform movements that can be very simple such as sitting without holding onto the surcingle or a more elaborate vaulting position moves such as kneeling or standing on the horse. Participants are assigned to a weekly, 1 hour lesson led by a PATH International Certified Vaulting Instructor.


Progress & Goals

Interactive Vaulting fosters teamwork, teaches respect for the horse, fosters independence, builds confidence, encourages social interaction, offers individualized instruction while mounted, and it introduces all gaits in a short period of time. The goals are set for the vaulting group following an assessment prior to the beginning of the session. Goals are re-assessed at the end of the session and progress is communicated with the group and their parents/guardians.



Participants must be between the age of 6 and 19 years old and have a documented disability. Participants must be able to ambulate independently without any assistive devices. Participants must also be able to follow directions willingly and to work as a team to support other vaulters during the lesson.


Interactive Vaulting’s one hour lesson cost $40 per participant. The lesson fee is charged in a lump sum to cover up to 8 weeks of programming. The summer skill week for the Interactive Vaulting program costs $400 per participant. If your child has not participated in other Saddle Up! programs, there is also a one-time New Participant Assessment fee of $30 to determine participant eligibility for the program.

How do I get involved?

If you would like to get your child involved as a rider in the NEW Interactive Vaulting program, please contact our Program Department. If you would like to be involved in Interactive Vaulting as a volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Services Director.

Saddle Up!

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Program Hours

Monday – Thursday 9am – 7pm

Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 8am – 4pm