If you are going to miss a lesson, please email us at with the participant’s first and last name and date and time of absence. You will receive a confirmation of receipt by email. If it is less than 2 hours’ notice from the program time you MUST also CALL the lesson hotline at (615) 794-1150 x 290 and leave a message.

Some programs have specific cancellation policies that may result in forfeited lessons and/or fees. Please check your program manual for more information on cancellation policies (see below).

Program Fee Payments

Please click here to complete the form and make payments for lesson fees. Be sure to include the purpose for your payment (rider name, sessions, programs, etc). You will receive an email receipt for your transaction. Thank you!

Program Registration

Summer 2021 Registration opens March 10 and is due April 17.

Please contact the Programs Dept with any questions.

SUPER Show Registration

SUPER Show is Saddle Up!’s annual riding event where Saddle Up! riders from all skill levels compete in a series of riding classes which highlight and show off the skills they have learned through the Saddle Up! program. Riders are awarded ribbons often given by celebrity guests such as Ms. Wheelchair Tennessee and Special Olympics participants and winners. The SUPER Show celebration also includes a graduation ceremony to commemorate the recent graduates. Saddle Up!’s 2021 SUPER Show is scheduled for Saturday, November 20th. More details and information will be available when registration opens in October.

Upcoming Opportunities

The Saddle Up Family Council supports the needs of SU!’s staff and parents. In the past, we have organized Saddle Up!’s presence at the fall family event, Poloween, and hosted a lunchtime workshop focused on financial planning for families with special needs. Look for more information about future plans and how to join this group of fun and enthusiastic parents.

Saddle Up!

1549 Old Hillsboro Road
Franklin, TN 37069-9136

Program Hours

Monday – Thursday 9am – 7pm
Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 8am – 4pm