Therapy Services

Program Structure

Saddle Up’s Therapy Services offer a year round program where children with disabilities as young as 2 can participate in a weekly physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech-language therapy appointment. Each appointment utilizes equine movement as a part of the treatment strategy. Appointments are led by a Saddle Up! Physical, Occupational, or Speech-Language Therapist who have received specialized training through the American Hippotherapy Association and are supported by a PATH International Certified Instructor. Therapy Service appointments are scheduled at a frequency and duration based on assessments completed by the therapist. A typical appointment is 45 minutes and takes place on the back of a horse, in our on-site treatment room, and in the dynamic environment of the barn. Appointments are scheduled during the day (no evening or weekend appointments available) Monday through Friday.


Horse Partnership

Our licensed therapists partner with the horse because their movement creates a multi-sensory experience that can be purposefully manipulated by the horse handler under the direction of the therapist to challenge the client to produce functional change. The three-dimensional movement imparted to the client creates a pattern similar to normal walking, which cannot be duplicated in a traditional clinic setting. Clients learn to react and respond to the movement of the horse, leading to improvements in balance, strength, coordination, and postural control. Therapists can adjust the movement of the horse to provide specific input to the neuromotor and sensorimotor systems. With these systems regulated, clients are able to interact optimally with their environment showing improvements in attention, sensory regulation, communication, muscle engagement, and postural control. The dynamic movement of the horse combined with the dynamic environment can help promote functional change, resulting in increased independence in mobility, activities of daily living, and increased participation in family, school, and community life.

Progress & Goals

Saddle Up!’s Therapy Services goals are individualized to the specific needs of each client. These goals are aimed at creating functional change with independence in mobility, activities of daily living, and increased participation in family, school, and community life. This program does not address horsemanship skills as in our Adaptive Riding program. Progress notes are completed following each appointment to assess functional change towards goals and guide further plan of care.


Participants must be between the age of 2 and 19 years old and have a documented disability. Participants must be eligible for Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapy services and receive a prescription from their Primary Care Physician prior to participation.


Saddle Up!’s Therapy Services appointments cost $40 per unit (15 minutes). Most appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes, therefore, would cost $120. If the client does not have a current therapy evaluation for the therapy they are participating in, there will be a one-time assessment fee of $175. One-hour appointments for $160 and 30 minute appointments for $80 are available if deemed appropriate by the therapist.


How do I get my child involved?

In order to get your child involved, you can complete our Program Interest Form or contact us at (615) 794-1150 and ask for the Program Department.

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Program Hours

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